Hi ! I'm Maria
I have been trained in an old regenerative farm in Serbia Beograd in the production of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms from agricultural wastes, and the production of mycomaterials and compost from spent substrate. I founded SPORADIC as part of an effort to research and share fungi-cultures knowledge and practices. After a year of such activities in central France Dordogne I further realized the hunch shared amongst myco-geek that fungi hold the potential for bridging gaps between people, activities and environments... I am now actively searching for fungi-relatives across borders, edges, ages, and pores.  
Before I became fungi-passionate I have been performing with video-mapping and sound-design. I can't wait to rally those three passions of mine. I also have an educational background in the philosophy of sciences and comparative philosophy.
My name is Or. I'm an anthropologist and filmmaker interested in ecological practice with a focus on agriculture and food. I'm trying to capture practices which blur the ontological barriers that separate many of us from our environments, while engaging a wide range of theoretical frameworks and in an investigation of grounded philosophy. In recent projects I explored themes of ecological practice, permaculture farming, and communication within a more-than-human environment, using a combination of sound, visual materials, and storytelling to convey messages and demonstrate the importance of ecological awareness and engagement starting from an embodied personal level and expanding to societal and planetary scales.
My current research examines the life of lichens vis-à-vis permaculture farming.


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